Fabrizia Berlingieri (capogruppo)
Beniamino Fabio Arco
Giovanna Falzone
Mario Covello
collaboratore: Guglielmo Brunetti


Città di Odense


Odense, Denmark


Concorso di Idee
Hans Christian Andersen museum


Superficie complessiva del museo 6.000mq


non stimato

The urban whole_ Two strategies are established as starting point for the design development of the proposal. The first is the enlargement of the park’s green surface. It is considered as main matter for the transition between the competition site and the surroundings, intersecting the new infrastructural line and redrawing the limit on the west side of the competition area. The second strategy is the doubling of the ground. The green surface of the garden gets up on the tramway street profile, revealing the House of Fairytales atrium and the public activities.
The fairytales garden_ The vibrant humus of Andersen’s fairytales is transposed in the proposal by impressing a new character to the Lotze Garden. In the design project it becomes an urban interior pullulated by marvelous and unexpected presences. High irregular glass cases exhibit the fairytales with temporary artistic interventions, displaying them within the urban space. They become, at the same time, strong attraction of cultural public entertainment for young and adult people and purveyors of life lessons. In the night they show, as thin lanterns in the forest, the Andersen’s poetic dimension.
The promenade museum_ The general concept of the HCA museum is based on materializing a continuous connection between the different sections of the exhibition. The building is detached from the ground, becoming a border fence and a promenade surrounding imaginary worlds (the fairytales glass cases), and it is structured by a narrative framework centered on the writer’s character. A place where prevails interiority. In it visitors experience Andersen’s interiority and the ambiguous relation between the tales and his life.Through windows that frame the glass cases in the garden, they look from the interior fence of the museum to the openness of the fairytales in a continuous, mutual mirroring.