Fabrizia Berlingieri (capogruppo)

Mario Covello

Rocco Frontera

Federica Greco

Elisa Vanzillotta

Alessia Berlingeri


City of Espoo


Espoo, Finland


Concorso di idee EUROPAN 13


Non stimato

The strategies that guided the proposal on urban level
come from the importance to give an answer about hoe
to integrate human and no human values in the site.
The proposal then offers, in its settlement principles, the
possibility of openness and flexibility. The main strategy
was to define a tissue for the competition area that could
dialogue with the other buildings presences of (present in)
the campus, but at the same time the idea of tissue must
be integrated with nature, opening the blocks in their
settlement as a porous border between the city campus
and the shoreline of Natura 2000 area. The blocks are
deposed in a transversal way in relation to the sea in a
way of creating a visible and physical contact between the
interior of the campus and the outside area of shoreline.
Also the idea of a pullulation of buildings of controlled
dimension was a specific choice in opposition to big scale
programs. In this way is really strong the idea of micro
city, open towards nature.? Area of transition between
residential and university functions.
The general articulation of the proposal defines three
main areas within the competition borders.
On the north part of Area A are located ,near the health
center, new spaces for sport and fitness; the regular
houses more in contact with the residential area nearby;
a surface parking.
The central part of competition site (Areas A and C)
hosts the “In Between campus” with regular and special
housings; the public ground and the services that are
of small surface but numerous and diversified; the
underground parking.
The south part (Area B) hosts University functions
and parking surface area. In this part is located a new
building called Creative Innovation Hub to enforce the
activities already present nearby. A place to enforce and
stimulate relations(exchange and interchange) between
students, stakeholders and institutions for creating
smart and innovative spin off , companies and so on.